Funds Request

The Panther Club is a Parent/Teacher organization whose goal is to promote the general welfare of children and youth in the school. To request funds, please fill out a Funds Request Application, scan it and email it to & (Genius Scan is available for iPhone and Android.)

Getting Reimbursed (expense reports)

Please fill out an expense report via Google Docs Panther Expense Template (excel / PDF). (Note: paypal payments are sent electronically to the email indicated. Checks are mailed - please include a physical address.)

Print the expense report and use your phone to scan the expense report and receipts. (Genius Scan is available for iPhone and Android)

Email the scan(s) to

Submitting Donations

Please see Donations.

Cash Boxes & Square Credit Card Reader

Email at least a week (or more) before event. A pouch containing $200 (in $1s & $5s) and a square reader will be left with the SLVMS office. Our square username & password will be in the pouch.

At the end of the event, two adults should count the cash & sign off the cash-count sheet. Take a picture of the cash-count sheet & email a copy of it and pictures of check fronts (10 to 20 per picture okay) to (Genius Scan is available for iPhone and Android)

Funds and reports should be given to an officer of the club (president, VP, treasurer or secretary) or given to SLVMS office staff or teacher for storage in SLVMS office for a club officer to retrieve.

Any officer can fill out the included deposit slip and deliver to Liberty Bank in Felton.

Panther Credit Card

Officers can use a Panther Credit Card. They must still fill out an expense report within 7-days.

Expense Report Approval

Expenses are pre-approved via budget or via board vote (at a meeting or via email). All expense reports must be approved by a president or vice-president (or other director if there is no vice-president). The treasurer will share an expense report with the approver's personal google account. The approver must click the "comment" button in the upper right corner, highlight their title and type "Approved" as the comment. Expense reports cannot be approved by the same person requesting reimbursement.


Email or call Egle at / 408-568-7766